2 x 3: Style & Interview Blogs

Behold, the second post in my 3 x 3: Best of Style Blogs series: style and interview blogs! (See 1 x 3: Personal Style Blogs here.) I love the following three to pieces because, not only do they provide a visual glimpse into the lives of fabulously dressed folks, they also give you a little something something extra, which, my friends, is dialogue. Whether it’s a question about someone’s personal soundtrack (oft asked over on Backyard Bill), or what work outfit gives them an “on top of the world feeling” (from Industry of One), or five things you can’t live without (which always delivers fab results over on Closet Visit), these blogs find a way to get to the stylish core of the person being featured, and draw us a little bit deeper into their worlds. Prepare to see the words beautiful, spectacular, wonderful, fantastic, and grand oft repeated in this post! From the top:

Backyard Bill - I’ve featured Bill Gentle’s work on KU before (see here and here) and first discovered his blog after his photos for the Confezioni Crosby S/S campaign appeared on sites the world over last year. He is an incredibly talented photographer with an interview style that is short, simple, and sweet. Be prepared to fall head over heels for these gorgeous shots:

Backyard Bill | Confezioni Crosby Backyard Bill | Kate Foley Backyard Bill | Nat and Lucy Backyard Bill | Sophie Aschauer Backyard Bill | Kate JonesIndustry of One - “A periodical on the wears of work,” Industry of One is where style and “the office” come together and have a very very beautiful baby. The folks featured on the blog are creative types, with awesome digs and great clothes. Along with the spectacular photographs, I especially enjoy the interviews, which are certainly the most in depth out of all the blogs featured today. In addition to great dialogue, Industry of One creators Adam Patrick Jones and Rachel Brown provide several beautifully written introductory paragraphs so we can further get to know the backgrounds of the ever-talented people being profiled. It’s wonderful stuff! Also, be sure to check out their Journal, which boasts even more stunning photography.

Industry of One | AdrienneIndustry of One | Vera Industry of One | Laura Industry of One | Laura Industry of One | Erin Industry of One | AdrienneCloset Visit - I have turned many a friend on to Closet Visit since first discovering the blog two years ago. We all agree (and I’m specifically looking at you, Adrienne), it is amazing. Artist Jeana Sohn is the mastermind behind this project and, through intimate images and a straight-forward interview, provides readers with a glimpse into the stylish lives and gorgeous homes of women in and around LA. Fair warning: this blog will make you unbelievably jealous of the stylish lives and gorgeous homes of women in and around LA. As soon as you get the chance, you will try to find a way to move to Echo Park, open a small boutique, and buy a monogramed clutch from Clare Vivier. It will just happen. When not apoplectic with jealousy, I find all kinds of inspiration from this blog and am sure you will too!

Closet Visit | Allison Closet Visit | Allison Closet Visit | Karolina Closet Visit | JasmineNext week, in the 3 x 3: Best of Stye Blogs, check out my roundup of street style blogs.