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While I might not dress like it at times, I’m ridiculously into all things style…and have been from an early age! As a wee one, I loved to wear “special legs” (my personal term for tights that I invented in preschool), flowery dresses, and heeled Mary Jane shoes. When my parents forced me into the necessary (in their minds) turtleneck in winter (gah!), I’d wear it under whatever party dress I’d selected for the day. I’d be seething with anger about it, but I’d be seething in style!

As I grew older, I drifted away from dresses and became a strictly no-fuss pants-are-best kind of gal. I discovered capris around first grade – pedal-pushers as my mom called them – and purchased my first bell bottoms in second grade (boy, did I think those jeans were boss!). Then came the pair of bright pink cords that I wore every day the year I turned 9 until the knees gave out.

While I suppose my personal style has evolved somewhat since elementary school, I now wear dresses and special legs (pardon, tights) occasionally, I’d say it’s moved in a direction that’s more focused on casual comfort. For example, I own several pairs of heels that I’ve acquired over the years, but I rarely wear them. Even when an occasion calls for some fancy dressing, I’ll spend a good five-minutes debating over whether to go with comfy flats (and I’m talking, like, Keen comfy here) or the shoes I keep in my closet in case an event of this nature were to occur. And I’ll almost always go with the flats.

I’m the kind of person you’ll see walking down the street in hiking shoes, leggings, skirt, sweater, and brightly-colored Pashmina and think, “Gee, she’s in need of a little makeover.” I know people think this at me because I do it all the time to other folks and there’s no way I’m alone. It’s part of the human condition to judge and judge we do. I’ve received the once-over-frown-smile look from stylish ladies often enough to realize that they’re judging my outfits (that, or they’ve got a serious case of bitch-face. I have it too. Solidarity, sista). “Throw a carpet bag in the mix and she practically looks homeless,” they think in my general direction. I wish I had a sign that was only invisible to these particular folks that read, “I am well-aware of how not-classy this outfit is, but it was the closest I could get to publicly-acceptable pajamas. I plan on doing better tomorrow.”

Not that being comfortable has to come at the cost of stylishness (or that any of this shit actually matters). I see classy and yet comfortable-looking ladies strutting around this town all the time. How I yearn to be like them! (Just a note, these classy/comfy-style peeps are almost always middle aged women.) I guess I haven’t quite mastered my personal “look” just yet. I’ve established styles I like, head on over to my Pinterest for a mere smattering of looks, but still don’t have a carefully curated closet that produces a cohesive style day in and day out. Also, I’m lazy. As I said before, I prefer to be in socially-acceptable pajamas if I’m going anywhere on a cold morning or right after I’ve woken up.

Anyhoo, when I’m not in yoga pants and a brightly colored scarf, I like to play with more interesting (though still comfy!) looks and draw much of my inspiration from style blogs. And I want to share them with you because they’re, like, quality, man! Starting next week, I will be posting some of my favorite 1. personal style, 2. style & interview, and 3. street style blogs, featuring three blogs in each category.  Get pumped!