aboutpicHi there, folks! My name’s Kylin! I was born and raised on the Central Coast of California and am a child of the tall redwood forests and the sparkling Pacific blue (though I rarely enjoy its freezing depths because I have mild aquaphobia…which sucks). I currently live 70 miles north in the beautiful Bay Area with my boyfriend Eric and a crew of wild and wonderful people. I started this blog after graduating from college, seeing it as a place where I could share about my brand-spankin’-new adult life with family and friends. Since it’s beginnings in 2011, this space has grown and evolved. Today, I post about intriguing projects and peoples that I’ve encountered on the internets, from artphotography, and design; to home decor; to style; and the creative bits & bobs in between. And I still share about the adventures and day-to-day of my quasi-adult life too! Please, sit back, put on a tune or mix, and read awhile!