Adventures in Geocaching

Neglect no more!  I am back!  Spoiler alert: a couple of the pictures from this post portray the location of geocaches in Berkeley, so if you plan on going geocaching in these parts, be aware (i.e. close your eyes and attempt to exit this page)!

Last weekend Jayden (my little bro) and I went geocaching or, as Jayden likes to put it, looking for junk around a park.  I’d never actually done this before (though one time I stumbled upon a geocache in the Santa Cruz mountains…crazy!), but with the visit of my brother and the wonderful weather, Saturday seemed like the perfect day to try my hand at treasure-hunting!  I have to say, I saw my city in a whole new light through this experience.  Urban geocaching is beautiful!  A little tin full of treasure could be hiding anywhere!  You just have to look.

Now, geocaching in Berkeley is a little crazy.  First off, for being a small city, this is not a lazy place, and on Saturday it seemed like everyone was out and about.  A couple of the geocache locations were very public. Jay and I must have looked a little crazy standing in the median on Shattuck for ten minutes, just searching.  Crazy. No doubt.

All in all we visited four different geocach locations.  Two of the “treasures” were missing, one had a man sleeping on it, and the last, well, the last was amazing.  Not only because we actually found the Geocache, but also because the dude who thought up the location, placement, and rhyme to illustrate where to find the geocache was a baller.  A baller I tell you.  Jayden and I were squealing like the children we really are.  It was so exciting!