Camping on the Big Sur River

It looks like I promoted our family to luxury camping status a wee bit prematurely.  While we do camp quite comfortably we do not bring along an RV camper with Direct TV.

Is RV camping really camping?    There are no tents involved, you don’t get cold at night, you can do the dishes inside, and you have a private bathroom.

Although freezing my bum off at night (dependent on camping location), washing dishes at the watering hole (usually a shared spigot), and peeing in the woods (which can actually be a rather freeing activity), are not my favorite aspects of the camping experience, they are a part of the experience.  And I would not give them up for the world!  (That last sentence should be read with a weepy British accent.)

Our campsite was located at the far end of the campground and was completely shaded by trees.  While it would have been great for 75+ degree days, the incredible shade proved to be a little too chilly for our stay.  Every morning and afternoon we followed the sun with our chairs, chasing dapples of light and trying not to freeze in the dark.

Despite the sun hustle we did do some major relaxing.  I’m currently reading the Tom Robbin’s book Skinny Legs and All and was able to give it some quality attention during our trip (more on that book later).  Additionally, I did some old man chair snoozing by the river.  Lovely.

In my book, the best part about comfort camping with my family is the food we eat.  Dad usually BBQs skirt steak and baby back ribs, delicacies we normally don’t have at home.  This year (mostly thanks to Mom) in addition to the meaty goodness (grass fed and hormone free) we made some mean mashed potatoes and yummy salads.  Every night was a feast.

Though we generally get our relaxation on by sitting for prolonged periods of time, my family also enjoys walking and mild physical sport.  After reading books and soaking our feet in the river for most of the first day we decided to shake a leg and head out to Pfeiffer beach.  Dad, Jay, and I threw around the Frisbee and scared Mom and sitting strangers by often sending it their way.  “Heads!” was shouted repeatedly.  Thanks to the wind, Jay and I were forced to conduct several Frisbee rescue missions up in the cliff walls which turned out to be a lot of fun.

 To celebrate Mom’s July 1st birthday we ate a delicious breakfast (sausage, eggs, and toast) and left the river for the coast.  Our main stop was at Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park where we hiked the short but fricken sweet McWay waterfall trail.

The Big Sur coastline boasts one spectacular view after another.  From the Park we departed for Nepenthe Restaurant where we ate a delicious birthday lunch from this vantage point.

All in all the trip was grand.  Never mind the freezing bums, peeing outdoors, and cool shade.  We relaxed, we had fun, and we ate well.  We saw turquoise water and we celebrated Mom.  And we liked the campground so much that I’m sure we’ll be back next year!  However, next time we’ll check the weather before we book our site.  We don’t want to have to chase the sun!