With so many things going digital these days (journals (cough cough), books, appointment scheduling (thank goodness), newspapers, magazines), every once in a while I yearn to hold the item I’m looking at in my own two hands. Printed items, though not so hot for the environment, feel so good, put less strain on the eyes, and look wonderful on a shelf or coffee table.  There have been a few print magazines that I’ve been lusting over for the past few months: 3191 QuarterlyKinfolk Magazine, and Wilder Quarterly in particular.  They are just so dang beautiful!

3191 Quarterly – I actually gave this issue to my Mom for Christmas so I have had the chance to hold it in my own two hands and man is it fine (wouldn’t you say, Mum?)!  Beautiful paper, beautiful pictures, beautiful design.

Kinfolk Magazine - I’ve posted a little about Kinfolk on this blog (here and here) and urge you to check out their site for more loveliness, especially their films and journal.

Wilder Quarterly – Check out this free string garden tutorial from their Winter 2012 issue and visit their blog for more neat stuff (like how to pickle veggies)!

I can’t wait for the day when these little guys will be mine (some budgeting is required prior, I’m afraid – print ain’t cheap)!  By the by, this post was another one of the recently resurrected drafts hanging out in my virtual draft box, so I apologize if the magazine issues mentioned are a little outdated.