Little People

Oh NPR, how I thank you for bringing me the truly fantastic!  Jean-Joseph Renucci, the Corsican designer behind these little people scenes, has helped me to see the random objects around me in a whole new light!  The computer keyboard is an oddly shaped trampoline and this steaming mug of tea (Earl Grey, hot!) is a murky hot spring.  Where can I find me some miniature men to put in this scenery?!

A bit about the history of this project:

When Jean-Joseph Renucci’s daughter was little, he would tell her stories about “les petits bonhommes verts” (little green men) who lived in the ceiling. They were responsible when a pen or a toy went missing, Renucci writes in an email. And, he says, “I admit I loved to imagine they were here for real.”

Soon after seeing the work of Slinkachu (which I highly recommend viewing!), Renucci was inspired to design his own little people landscapes. To see more of Renucci’s lp scenes, head on over to his site.

If you had the supplies what little people scenes would you make?  I’m curious!

(NPR | The Picture Show)