20130704-235727.jpg20130704-235738.jpg20130704-235749.jpg(The men of our house: Brian BBQing, Noah eating the most delicious chicken, Eric saving a bee)

Happy 4th of July! Or as we’ve been saying ’round these parts, Happy ‘Merica Day!

The boys BBQed quite the feast this afternoon. Sausage, chicken, corn, veggie kabobs…so much food. Isn’t it great to have another excuse to pack it in? I’ve been eating non-stop since 4pm. Feeling full and mostly wonderful. Very burpy but in a good way, ya know?

Later we hiked up the hill to watch the fireworks, joining a butt-load of Berkeley-ans by the swing at “the top of the world.” Now that I’ve been up there I have to come back to try it out. It swings out over the side of the hill! Can’t miss that!

From our vantage point we were able to see all of the bay and the fireworks from Alameda, SF, Marin, and, of course, Berkeley. It was really beautiful. I think I’m more in love with this place than I’ve ever been.