My First Knitted Sweater

SmilePocketThis December I was mad productive and knitted my first ever sweater! With pockets! Though I’ve worked with needles from a young age (thank you Waldorf and dear Ms. Maloney!), I had never tackled anything more complicated than a cable hat and a lace shawl. But with the weather turning stormy and the epic amounts of unproductive TV watching that were bound to occur in my future, I decided to seize the day. I purchased seven skeins of beautiful wool yarn* and found this simple and gorgeous pattern on Ravelry (hi, Agnes).  The time was ripe for success! With the aid of trusty YouTube and a strong work ethic, I conquered the hell out of this project, finishing in about one week! If you’re a knitter, whether a newbie or a pro, I’d recommend this raglan beauty. It’s simple…and has pockets! What’s not to love?!

Side-ViewFor those of you who don’t know how to knit but have always wanted to learn, look no further than this simple tutorial on Design*Sponge. To try anything more complicated, search for how-to vids on YouTube. Soon, you’ll be knitting away!

*For more details on the sweater pictured above, visit my Agnes project page over on Ravelry.