Over the Week(end)

1.  Got a Girl Crush, a fantabulous blog that I so enjoy reading, released a print/online magazine last month!  It’s amazing!  Check it out here!

2. “The Perennial Plate is an online weekly documentary series dedicated to socially responsible and adventurous eating.” And it is fantastic!  The series follows talented chef (and activist) Daniel Klein on his food-related adventures in Minnesota (Season 1) and around the US (Season 2).   I’m still on Season 1, just watched the episode about greenhouse growing in Milan, MN (Eric was very inspired, of course), and am stoked to see all that’s to come!  Especially the Season 2 episodes that feature farms and restaurants close to home (home in Cali, that is).  Thank you for this beautiful peak into our country’s sustainable food systems, Daniel and Mirra (camerawoman extraordinaire)!  For the link to both seasons click here.

3.  So, you know how our fridge broke down over Hurricane Irene weekend (not thanks to Irene)?  Well, it’s still broken.  We’ve had a spot of trouble in getting someone to fix it (I could go on and on about that particular debacle but I will spare you) and so, bummer of all bummers, we’ve been out of a fridge for TWO whole WEEKS.  It’s very sad.  Luckily our house has a second fridge, but cramming six peoples food into one fridge (and the tinier of the two) is not ideal to say the least.  The shelves that once belonged to three girls are now shared by six and the order that was once maintained is completely gone.  Can’t find a shelf spot?  Just throw it on top!  We now have small mountains (hills?) of bread and lettuce lying atop containers of perishables.  It’s a sight.  I’ve been eating more canned/microwave meals as a result but can’t go on like this for much longer.  Please, handyman, fix our fridge!

4.  I really want to see Pig Iron’s (a theatre company founded by alums of my alma mater, no biggie) rendition of Twelfth Night over at the Philly Live Arts Fringe Festival!  It looks amazing and the reviews so far have seconded that assumption.  Eric’s going to see it for a set design course he’s taking and I might be able to score cheap tickets through him.  We’ll see!

5.  Have you ever listened to the album Hadestown?  If you haven’t, you should deeply consider doing so because it’s AMAZING!  Hadestown is a folk opera written by musical genius Anaïs Mitchell.  It was performed in New England with a 22 member cast and later recorded.  My good friend Xena recommended the album to me ages ago and today I actually listened to it.  Wow wow wow.  Hadestown (not a cast album) features super rad artists like Ani Difranco and Justin Vernon (of Bon Iver)!   You didn’t tell me that!  To my readers: go now!  Listen to Hadestown!

6.  To the children who have only known their country at war.  We remember.

♥ Kylin