Happy Humpday!

Happy Wednesday!  Look at this dapper dude!

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Guess who made banana bread?!

I did!  But it’s not as good as the zucchini bread I made a few weeks ago.  Here’s the recipe for the zucchini bread.  I’d give you the banana one too but it needs to be reworked before I can post it on the internets.

Zucchini Bread

  • 3/4 cup sugar
  • 1 tsp cinnamon
  • 1/2 tsp nutmeg
  • 1 tsp baking soda
  • 1/2 tsp salt
  • 2 eggs
  • 2/3 cup vegetable oil
  • 1 1/2 cup grated zucchini
  • 1 cup flour
  • 1 tsp sugar (for topping)

Preheat your oven to 325. Grease a pan or ceramic dish and set aside.

In a large bowl stir together the sugar, cinnamon, nutmeg, baking soda and salt.

Mix in eggs, then slowly add oil, stirring as you go.

Stir in the grated zucchini, making sure all shreds are coated in batter.

Fold in the flour.

Pour batter into the pan and sprinkle with 1tsp sugar (this is very optional). Bake for 45-50 minutes (our oven sucks so it took a good 1.25 hrs) or until a toothpick comes out mostly clean.

Let cool for 10 minutes in the pan, then gently turn the loaf onto a rack to cool further.

Should keep for at least a week in the fridge.



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Recipe via Collard Courier

“If Moon Was Cookie”

Continuing my love affair (i.e. obsession) with Anaïs Mitchell!

Over the Week(end)

1.  Got a Girl Crush, a fantabulous blog that I so enjoy reading, released a print/online magazine last month!  It’s amazing!  Check it out here!

2. “The Perennial Plate is an online weekly documentary series dedicated to socially responsible and adventurous eating.” And it is fantastic!  The series follows talented chef (and activist) Daniel Klein on his food-related adventures in Minnesota (Season 1) and around the US (Season 2).   I’m still on Season 1, just watched the episode about greenhouse growing in Milan, MN (Eric was very inspired, of course), and am stoked to see all that’s to come!  Especially the Season 2 episodes that feature farms and restaurants close to home (home in Cali, that is).  Thank you for this beautiful peak into our country’s sustainable food systems, Daniel and Mirra (camerawoman extraordinaire)!  For the link to both seasons click here.

3.  So, you know how our fridge broke down over Hurricane Irene weekend (not thanks to Irene)?  Well, it’s still broken.  We’ve had a spot of trouble in getting someone to fix it (I could go on and on about that particular debacle but I will spare you) and so, bummer of all bummers, we’ve been out of a fridge for TWO whole WEEKS.  It’s very sad.  Luckily our house has a second fridge, but cramming six peoples food into one fridge (and the tinier of the two) is not ideal to say the least.  The shelves that once belonged to three girls are now shared by six and the order that was once maintained is completely gone.  Can’t find a shelf spot?  Just throw it on top!  We now have small mountains (hills?) of bread and lettuce lying atop containers of perishables.  It’s a sight.  I’ve been eating more canned/microwave meals as a result but can’t go on like this for much longer.  Please, handyman, fix our fridge!

4.  I really want to see Pig Iron’s (a theatre company founded by alums of my alma mater, no biggie) rendition of Twelfth Night over at the Philly Live Arts Fringe Festival!  It looks amazing and the reviews so far have seconded that assumption.  Eric’s going to see it for a set design course he’s taking and I might be able to score cheap tickets through him.  We’ll see!

5.  Have you ever listened to the album Hadestown?  If you haven’t, you should deeply consider doing so because it’s AMAZING!  Hadestown is a folk opera written by musical genius Anaïs Mitchell.  It was performed in New England with a 22 member cast and later recorded.  My good friend Xena recommended the album to me ages ago and today I actually listened to it.  Wow wow wow.  Hadestown (not a cast album) features super rad artists like Ani Difranco and Justin Vernon (of Bon Iver)!   You didn’t tell me that!  To my readers: go now!  Listen to Hadestown!

6.  To the children who have only known their country at war.  We remember.

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Karlie Kloss in LIFE

Photographer Gabrielle Revere spent four days following nineteen year old model Karlie Kross around the world, from shows in Paris and New York to her family home in St. Louis.


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September Mix: Summer Memoriam

The summer season will officially come to a close on September 23rd, but, for many of us, the season ended weeks ago (like when I started my job!).  I put together this mix of songs in memoriam of this summer.  Each one I played countless times over the last few months and most I sang to, loudly and without shame, in the car.

SUMMER MEMORIAM, listen to it here.  Playlist:

  1. Modest Mouse – Float On
  2. Arctic Monkeys – Mardy Bum
  3. Beirut – My Night with the Prostitute from Marseille
  4. Foster the People – Pumped Up Kicks (Gigamesh Remix)
  5. Thao and Mirah – Eleven (ft. tUnE-yArDs)
  6. Stars – Your Ex-Lover is Dead
  7. tUnE-yArDs – Fiya
  8. Christina Perri – Jar of Hearts
  9. fun – The Gambler
  10. The Temper Trap – Love Lost


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The seasons are  certainly changing!  Yesterday was like a winter day back home in Santa Cruz.  Brrr.  My sandaled feet were so cold!  It may be time to bring out the boots.  Or at least my closed toe shoes.

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Claire Nereim via Unruly Things

Happy Humpday!

First Wednesday of September and you know what that means!

Doesn’t mean much.

Actually it probably means many things for many people and I’m just wholly unawares.

It’s almost Friday!  Ahhhhhh!

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Wall Flowers

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Over the Week(end)

1.  Samosas for one dollar, what more could you want?  One dollar spring rolls?  They’ve got those too!  The Baltimore Avenue Dollar Stroll is the second best idea University City District has put into action this summer (first being Sustainable Saturdays, in my book).  On these magical Thursday nights, Baltimore Ave. comes alive with restaurants, food carts, shops, and craftsmen selling their wares on the sidewalk for a dollar apiece!   On my first Stroll I wandered the avenue, purchasing muffins, drinks, and produce from various vendors.  Then, right before heading home, I bought two samosas from Desi Village.  They were absolutely fantastic!  I raved about them for weeks and was determined to purchase as many as I could afford next time.  So, when I struck out for Baltimore Ave. this Thursday I had one destination in mind, and one only: Desi Village.  It was my first stop and my only purchase of the evening.  I bought five glorious samosas for five glorious dollars.  What a deal!  Next time I’m coming prepared with a little more cash.  Left over samosas for lunch the next day?  F@#$in’ smart!

2.  IKEAAA!  IKEA!  IKEA!  (Sing this like Tevye sings, “Traaditionnnn! Tradition!  Tradition!”)  As you may have guessed I went to Ikea this weekend!  Somehow I managed not to do too much damage to my meager bank account while still shopping victorious.  I’m so excited to crawl under my new queen size down comforter this winter!  In addition to bedding, I purchased a very practical reflective vest that I am determined to wear whenever biking.  Philly drivers are nuts, man.  Of course, before diving into the showrooms/shopping we had dinner at the Ikea restuarant.  Nothing beats Swedish meatballs, potatoes with gravy and cranberry sauce, a salad, and a drink, all for for five dollars (well, except samosas)!  I’m thinking of eating there on the regular. “Where did you take Eric this weekend?”  ”Oh, I took him to this fantastically cheap little place right by the water.  Gorgeous view of a docked Titanic-like ship in utter disrepair.  The place?  Four letters.  I-K-E-A.”  Oh-jah.

3.  Eric has a stress fracture in his foot!  It’s very very sad.  Lots of limping and chair dancing.  No ultimate frisbee.  It should take 4-6 weeks to heal.  Hey fracture!  Eric wants his foot back! ♥♥

4.  The Garden.  I saw this DVD sitting on my boss’ desk and, judging the thing by its cover (which is beautiful) and the blurb I read on the back, became determined to watch it!  It’s about the largest (13 acres!) urban farm in the US, located in South Central LA.  I made Eric watch it with me yesterday and oh my lordy how tragic.  What a depressing documentary!    I recommend it but I offer you this warning: there’s a very high chance that you will get angry (you might even yell at the screen like I did) and that you will hem and haw about the injustice long after the credits roll.  That’s my warning.  Watch it, and then take action and help your (local) urban farmers buy their land!

5.  Today I participated in my first ever Sacred Harp singing!  I was introduced to this beautiful musical tradition by my dear housemate who has a deep passion for Sacred Harp.  She led a group at our college and regularly attends singings in the area and, in the summer, around the country.  I was eager to see, hear, and sing this thing that she, and many others, find so powerful.  So, today, I went to a “singing” with the group that she used to lead.  It was amazing.  What deep music!  What a crazy sound!  It was like nothing I’d ever heard before.  Sacred Harp isn’t your average choral music.  No no, it is something completely different.  First off, Sacred Harp singers use shape notes and often go over the tune their about to sing using the four shape notes fa, sol, la, and mi.  That’s different.  Second, the four parts (basses, tenors, trebles, and altos) sit together in a hollow square.  Third, all the songs are from the The Sacred Harp book which was published in 1844.  Fourth, everyone sings very loudly.  All these differences, and I’m sure there are many more, combine to make something that is at once beautiful and haunting.  I was more affected by it than I thought I’d be!  Check out this video to learn more.

6.  I’m thinking of dying my hair redish again.  Hmmm.

♥ Kylin