Just before heading out to California I made a little something something for my housemates.  We fondly call our home Lady House, since we are all ladies, and I wanted to create something special to represent our space.  As you can see, I made a stamp.

These pictures are making it very clear to me that I need to clean this little guy!  I’ve been using gold block printing ink and dabbing it on with a paintbrush since I have yet to purchase a roller (funds are limited, you know).  It’s a little cakey.  What I’d actually like to get is a medium sized ink pad.  Maybe the pad would help distribute the ink more evenly!  I guess that’s what the roller’s for…I’m thinking out loud here.

Sadly, I didn’t take pictures as I was making it, but to give you a sense of the process (though on a much larger and cooler scale), here’s a video of Rui Abreu creating the typeface Aria.

(via Jessica Comingore)