Tahoe Bound

20130708-115541.jpg As of two days ago I’d spent 19 of my 22 years living/exploring in California without once visiting Lake Tahoe, that ginormous deep blue puddle that lies between our great state and that desert next door. The situation has now been remedied. Life can go on.

Yesterday was travel day. We over-stuffed our van (I think we can safely say the Navarro’s have hit a new low in our packing abilities) and hit the road nice and late (in true Navamily fashion). What’s a trip without a full car, late departure, and numerous stops along the way? Some kind of heaven I’m sure but not a Navarro family vacation!

20130708-115621.jpg (Saying goodbye to our pup, Luz.)

20130708-115650.jpg Though Eric wasn’t able to join us for this trip, he was kind enough to help us pack the van in Santa Cruz (this is a lie…he didn’t help at all) and strap the kayak to the roof (he did help with this. The task didn’t require an engineer but it certainly didn’t hurt!). Since we had zero extra room in the van, Eric and I were forced to double buckle it up to Berkeley. This was uncomfortable and I was glad to drop him off at home. (Just kidding. I’m so sad that he’s not able to join us for this adventure!)

20130708-120701.jpg(Eric’s such a happy camper! I was approaching vomit town when my mom snapped this, so I’ve skull and crossboned out my face. This is for your benefit, I promise.)

Five hours, one In-and-Out Burger stop, and numerous pee breaks later we caught our first glimpse of the lake, driving down the hill on highway 50 (we were driving, not the lake, obviously). Simply magical.

In no time we were at eye level with Tahoe and pulling up to our cabin in Zephyr Cove. After unpacking all our crap (hauling it over a hill and up a flight of stairs. Sore but strong we are! And stupid) we headed down to the water.

Years ago one of my best friends introduced me to the phrase “heart sparkles.” Have you heard that one before? I hadn’t but as soon as she said it I instantly related to that feeling it describes.

20130708-120821.jpg20130708-120838.jpgYesterday, sitting on the pier at dusk with my family, I had some major heart sparkles going on. We might be uniquely crazy, competitively right, and unnecessarily loud folks, but we are blood and we make each other laugh like you wouldn’t believe.

I can tell it’s going to be a great trip!