Ultimate Photo Widget

PLEASE NOTE: I am not currently updating this plugin. Please try out the plugins at the Alpine Press if you are looking for more features.

This page shows examples of the Ultimate Photo Widget for WordPress in action. A description of how the plugin works as well as ways to troubleshoot common problems is available at Electric Tree House. The Ultimate Photo Widget is able to retrieving photos from your Flickr, Tumblr, or Pinterest pages and to display them on a WordPress site. The main intent of this widget is to retrieve photos from various popular websites and display them in a stylish and uniform way. There are currently four display styles: vertical, tiles, square tiles, and slideshow. This lightweight but powerful widget takes advantage of WordPress’s built in JQuery scripts to create a sleek presentation that we hope you will like. As we continue to improve this widget, look out for new display styles and additional photo sources. The Ultimate Photo Widget can be downloaded at WordPress.org or by going to the Plugins->Add New page of your WordPress site and searching Ultimate Photo Widget.

The slideshow display option utilizes a JQuery script to create the dynamic output you see below. The photos below were all retrieved from my Flickr feed. The small slideshow has photos of size 240px (the length of the longest side) and the large slideshow uses size 640px photos. The small slideshow is using the Fade style with the “Next” and “Prev” buttons removed and the large is using the Rotate style. In both cases, the photos are re-sized to fit into the slideshow container, creating a compact way of viewing a collection of photos.

Small Slideshow

[ultimate-photo source=”flickr” type=”user” uid=”70324072@N04″ display_link=”1″ size=”240″ style=”slideshow” num=”4″ slideshow_style=”2″ remove_np=”1″ align=”center” ]

Large Slideshow

[ultimate-photo source=”flickr” type=”user” uid=”70324072@N04″ display_link=”1″ size=”640″ style=”slideshow” num=”4″ slideshow_style=”1″ align=”center” ]

The photos used to generate the vertical, tiles, and square tiles displays were all of size 240px (the length of the longest side). The photos are cropped using JQuery in the tiles and square tiles options. You can see an example of the Vertical style below and an example of the Tiles style in the right sidebar of this page.

[ultimate-photo source=”flickr” type=”user” uid=”70324072@N04″ display_link=”1″ size=”240″ style=”vertical” num=”4″ align=”center” ]

On a final note, the photo collections were inserted into this page using the Ultimate Photo Widget shortcodes. For example, the vertical display was inserted by placing the fallowing code in the text of the page:

[[ultimate-photo source="flickr" type="user" uid="70324072@N04" display_link="1" size="240" style="vertical" num="4" align="center" ]]

You can create your own shortcodes by going to Plugins->Ultimate Photo Widget on your WordPress admin page.