Over the weekend I was introduced to BIG THINGS’ latest project: World Party Day!  Yes, WORLD PARTY DAY, “the ultimate synchronized world-wide celebration” on Tuesday, April 3.  THAT’S ONE WEEK FROM TODAY, PEOPLE!  Of course, that’s also a work day for most of us, so don’t forget to bring the party to the office whether that means dancing in your cube or singing tunes on your commute.  I’ll have a little party on the inside during my El ride (don’t want to get the collective crazy eye from my fellow passengers) and then I intend to go all out with the grooving when I get to the office.  There will be 90s hits.  There will be Beyoncé.  It will be great!

BIG THINGS has lined up some great blog contributors leading up to the special day.  One of my favorites is Where the Lovely Things Are who’s got some kick-a$$ posts devoted to WPD.  Want more inspiration?  Check out this WPD DIY invitation tutorial or the WPD Tumblr and Pinterst (yeah, these people are serious with their party planning).

In case you’re wondering, the rockin’ WPD poster featured above is by Paul Morgan.  NOW GO HAVE YOURSELF A PARTY!  And one more thing: let’s remember that every day has the potential to be a party day!